Lourdes Ideal Protein - Weight Loss Managment Program

Thank You!

...for signing up to attend one of our FREE Ideal Protein Info Nights. If there are any issues, or if we need to reschedule, a member of the Lourdes marketing department will contact you. You will not receive a confirmation email, but we will place reminder calls the day of the seminar. We look forward to seeing you there.

Lourdes Ideal Protein Coaches

If you have any questions about the Ideal Protein program, please contact one of our Ideal Protein coaches:

Main Phone (509) 205-9758

Emma Bacon (509) 416-8877 ext. 4 emma.bacon@lourdesonline.org

Luz Vera-Bueno (509) 416-8877 ext. 5 Luz.Vera-Bueno@lourdesonline.org

Holly Kimmell (509) 416-8877 ext. 6 holly.kimmell@lourdesonline.org

Haley Torres (509) 416-8877 ext 7 haley.torres@lourdesonline.org

Naomi Bacon (509) 943-9104 ext. 7311 naomi.bacon@lourdesonline.org

Bonnie Hagins (509) 943-9104 ext 7312 bonnie.hagins@lourdesonline.org

Visit the Ideal Protein website for complete information about the program or download this helpful Ideal Protein brochure.