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Lourdes Joint & Spine Center provides a comprehensive program for problems arising the body’s bones and joints, plus the ligaments, tendons and muscles that support them. Lourdes Joint & Spine Center specializes in total and partial knee replacements, total hip replacements, major back procedures and other joint and spine related procedures. Lourdes offers the mid-Columbia's only "Orthopedic Academy" program for total knee and hip replacement patients, providing individualized, integrated care from a skilled clinical team. To request more information about our program, view the class schedule, or to register online visit the Orthopedic Academy page.

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Experienced orthopedic surgeons at Lourdes provide expertise in a number of surgical specialties and sub-specialties:

  • • General orthopedics is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • • Joint reconstruction and replacement has improved the quality of life for millions of Americans by easing pain, improving range of motion and increasing activity levels. Hips and knees are the most commonly replaced joints.
  • Foot and Ankle Specialists who treat broken bones and injuries, as well as diseases and syndromes, of the foot, ankle, heel and toes. Lourdes is also the only mid-Columbia hospital offering Total Ankle Replacement. 
  • • Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity treat broken bones and injuries, as well as diseases and syndromes, of the hand, wrist, finger/thumb, shoulder and elbow.
  • Spine and Neck Specialists who treat spinal injuries and conditions, plus diseases and syndromes, such as herniated disks and congenital scoliosis.
  • • Sports Medicine is a wide-ranging field treating professional and weekend athletes, and everyone in between. In addition to treating sports injuries and conditions, these specialists focus on wellness, safety and injury prevention.
  • • Orthopedic Trauma specialists treat extreme injury to the musculoskeletal system from such things as auto accidents, or other traumatic injuries.
  • • As we age our bones may become brittle or less dense, leading to Geriatric Fractures. A leading cause of broken bones is osteoporosis, sometimes referred to as brittle bones disease.  Check out Lourdes’ quality scores for total hip fracture that are second to none.

Completing our multi-disciplinary team are dedicated, compassionate orthopedic nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians’ assistants, case managers, trainers and orthopedic technicians — all committed to providing a full continuum of orthopedic care.

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