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Lourdes Urgent Care

Lourdes Urgent Care nurse with patientAbout Lourdes Urgent Care
Lourdes Urgent Care treats a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, and conditions. Compared to hospital emergency departments, Lourdes Urgent Care may be the most convenient and affordable option for your family. Our urgent care providers specialize in treating minor illness and injury, providing and sports physicals.

Lourdes Urgent Care is open at 8 am daily 364 days/year.


When should you go to the emergency room?
In the event of an emergency or a trauma, Lourdes Emergency Room is ready and able to handle your emergency. Unless it’s an emergency, you should visit your Primary Care Provider or Lourdes Urgent Care.

You should call your doctor if you need:
• Yearly health exams
• Well-baby checks
• Care of minor ailments
• Immunizations
• Flu shots

You should call your doctor or visit Lourdes Urgent Care if you have:
• Minor burns or cuts
• Minor illness
• Minor sprains
• Ear infections
• Fever
• Sore throat

If you have an emergency:

Go to the nearest Emergency Room. If you cannot get there right away, call 911. Call your primary care doctor within 24 hours of your emergency. If you cannot call, have someone call for you.
• Difficulty breathing, moving or speaking
• Chest pain
• Heavy bleeding
• Poisoning
• Broken bones
• Car accident { if injured }
• Choking
• Blacking out / Fainting
• Deep cuts or severe burns
• Attack by animal or person
• Sudden, severe pain and swelling in a joint
• Major trauma or injury
• Severe reaction to a bug bite / sting
• Severe reaction to medication
• Unexplained sleepiness or confusion

Lourdes Urgent Care can see you for:
• Urgent Care
• Minor Emergencies
• Sports Physicals

Contact Lourdes Urgent Care

5304 N Road 68
Pasco, WA 99301
Phone (509) 543-9300
OPEN DAILY at 8:00 am

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